Blessed Foundation


Blessed Foundation is an NPO that operates as a platform where donor's can donate to a charity of choice by investing to change the lives of underprivileged orphaned children in South Africa. The platform will support the following 2 charities being:

1. Little Guardians

Has been launched to provide orphaned & vulnerable muslim children who are in need of alternative care with a safe & nurturing home(s). Our mission is to ensures each child becomes part of a loving, caring family giving them a sense of belonging thus ensuring that they are not labeled as institutionalized.

2. Education Programme

The programme will afford orphaned children the opportunity to receive a quality formal education that you would want for your own children. By investing in their future we help to shape our own.


1. Little Guardians

Little Guardians facilitates the establishment & maintenance of foster care homes. It has been launched to address the need of Muslim orphans being one of many “Cluster Foster Care” (CFC) homes. The management board has identified foster parents who will be the house parents and trained in the basics of child care. Cluster foster care schemes (CFCSs) are legally acknowledged as alternative care for children in need of protection in South Africa. They are discussed in the Children's Amendment Act 41 of 2007 under the heading "Foster Care" and defined as "the reception of children into a cluster foster care scheme registered by a provincial department of social development" (Republic of South Africa, 2008:74). These schemes provide social workers with an alternative care option through which the high demand for care can be managed.

2. The Education Programme

In association with the Little Guardians home this charity will allow sponsors to contribute a towards a child's education/ school fees. Sponsors can select to support a child short term-long term & will receive feedback through report cards. This will give feedback on how each child they donate to is performing at school. The report cards allow sponsors to see how they are impacting the lives they are investing in.


With increasing levels of poverty, crime, unemployment, and HIV/AIDS in South Africa the number of orphans have risen dramatically. The increase in the volume of children entering the system has resulted in the need for care placements. These children have suffered from sexual, physical, or psychological abuse. Thousands of children are in desperate need of a home where they can be loved & nurtured. Unfortunately there is a shortage of Muslim homes that will unconditionally commit to making a difference in the lives of these hurting children.


Little Guardians will be working in partnership with the Management board of the Darun Naim orphanage which has been fully operational since 2012. They have managed to provide a safe, loving, Muslim family environment for children in their care. (Click here to view Facebook Link)

The project is part of the Darun Naim Mosque & Institution of Higher Islamic learning which was established in 2002. (Click here to view website)


The vision for the Little Guardians Home is to be part of establishing an umbrella Muslim cluster foster care model that can service foster homes in South Africa. The aim is to expand our activities to include providing operational &financial support to existing foster homes and new homes meeting our particular criteria. We will provide sponsor reporting & we intend raising further awareness of the plight of foster children.

Cluster Foster Care

We provide children in need with a home as close to a family environment as possible, where a solid foundation can be laid, giving them the best chance in life to achieve their full potential.

Support for family & Caregivers

We provide support to the families and care givers of foster children through our mentor and parent support programme (MAPS).

Raising awareness

We are raising awareness of the importance of fostering to improve the social situations amongst the general public educating them on working and supporting our initiatives.


Abbas Jamie

  • Chairman - Darun Naim Orphanage Trust(2012)
  • Qualifications across engineering, business and futures studies
  • Director innovation and transformation- Aurecon Group(2014)
  • Board member - Consulting Engineers South Africa
  • Community liaison Africa - World Design Organisation

Kieyam Gamieldien

  • Trustee & Legal for Little Guardians
  • Trustee of Darun Naim(2012) 
  • BCom Law

Zakiyyah Smailovic 

  • Founder of Blessed Foundation
  • Trustee & Management board for Little Guardians.
  • Forbes Woman Africa (2017) 
  • Cosmopolitan Business Woman to watch (2017)
  • Director for House of ZS


  • Trustee for Darun Naim Orphanage(2012)
  • Board member of Inlight foundation.
  • Business Science(University of Cape Town) H.Diploma Tax.
  • Charted Accountant SA 


  • We intend expanding our activities to include providing operational and financial support to existing foster homes meeting our particular criteria (these foster homes do not necessarily have to form part of the Cluster Foster umbrella body)
  • We also intend raising further awareness of the plight of foster children


Monthly or once off donations to support the charity of choice.


Sponsor milestones in the children’s lives or contribute to celebrating achievements.


Use your skills to help us come and learn new skills.

Corporate Sponsorship

We're proud to be supported by lots of amazing companies and people who dedicate time and money to help make children's lives better.

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